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Getting Started

Obviously you will first have to create a AbyssWars account here with a username and password and download the game before you can play. The download may take a long while, so be prepared. I advise you have your information ready, having an e-mail address is essential. You will want to read the game's Terms of Service because your lack of knowledge will not keep you out of trouble if you don't play nice or try to hack the game.

Once you start the game and sign in you will have to create a character that you will play. The game offers 5 different races each having 2 Classes; earthguard with mystic and seeker, human with blademaster and wizard, tideborn with assassin and psychic, untamed with barbarian and venomancer, winged elves with archer and cleric and the newest race;

Each has it's own special abilities and you can make 8 different customized characters on a single account. When you make a character experiment with the customization adjustments so your character will look just as you want to be. After you finalize your character you will have 24 hours to make a few more adjustments to your character's appearance, after that time expires it becomes permanent.

You can of course delete a character at any time but it will take about a week for the character to be deleted off the server. During that time you can choose to restore your deleted character if you want it back.

Once you have made a character you will log it on to the server and will appear in the starting location of that character's race and class in an instance called Celestial Vale. A help window will pop up. You should read this in detail and keep the help window active for as long as you need help while playing.


  • Please read the information on the Celestial Vale page for a good idea about the starting area.

There is a lot of things to learn but not all of it needs to be learned right away. But before you start to actually play your character you should check the User Screen interface.

  • One of the more important things on the interface is the 2 "Quick Launch Bars" (QLB, #17 and #20 seen in the User Screen picture below). These can be moved and opened to show all the available spaces to place the icons that activate your skills or make change to your character.
  • Here is a quick over view of what you can do to setup the Quick Launch Bars (QLBs):

Position the QLBs; turn the vertical bar (#17) to horizontal (click the very small circled arrows on the bar) and move it about an inch over the other QLB (#20).

  • Open the bars to show all slots (as many as you can for now).

Press "R" on the keyboard, this is your Skills window (not many in there yet). Some of the skills are already on the QLB. You can move the skills onto the bar were you want them or drag them off the bar to remove them.

  • To add new skills or replace the ones you dragged off the QLB drag the skill icon from the Skills window to a slot on the bar. Now when you want that action while playing just click the icon that is on the bar. (Careful not to drag it off screen because PW doesn't have a way to lock them down).

First thing to do is to talk to the Guide NPC (Non-Player Character, the game's characters for interaction with players). You will know you have quests at NPCs because they will have a Shield icon over their head.

Most of the time you will want to take the quests that they offer. My advice is to get every quest you can while in an area, check them out and then do all of them. Sometimes you won't want to do a quest after checking it out because it a special event or quest chain you might not be ready for. Jolly Jones NPC who is in this area has such quests that are not what you would want to start as a brand new player fresh out of the gate.

Now you are on you way, so as long as you read the help you can start to get the hang of playing your character. PW does a good job of allowing you the gradually get the feel of what to do and as you progress, make mistakes you will learn new ways to speed up your leveling and be a better player.

Intro to Macros

Here is a handy advance method to fire a number of skills one after the other so you don't have to click the skills individually each time. Once you learn to use your skills you should make a Macro that can combine selected skills into a package and assign one icon to put on the QLB, as seen in slot #1 on the QLB graphic above.

Clicking the Macro icon will fire the skills. The one thing that makes it difficult is choosing the correct sequence of skills in the macro. Such thing as skill cool down, mana depletion and interrupts may interfere or prevent the next skill from being fired causing the macro to stop.


Questing is where you speak to an NPC (Non-Player Character) to get a quest with a target/objective with a reward at the end of it. Here is how to see what quests are available for you for you particular level.

If you Press alt Q or just Q you should get something like this:

You want to click the circled area to see what quests are available for you at this moment and time:

Doing that should bring this up:

The red circled quest is showing that the writing for the quest isn't white, but a different color. These quests are generally important ones or hard ones, meaning you may need a team to complete them.

The yellow circle is what you click to show what quest you are currently doing. That wraps up quests for now. The User Screen

The user screen is where you get see everything that is going on around you and how to talk to friends, etc... Here is an example of what the user interface (UI) may look like:

1. These are a few options available to you, such as turning on best graphical performance or showing monsters on the minimap.

2. This is your exp bar, this shows how much exp you have gained so far for that level. Getting 100% exp means that you go up to the next level.

3. This is your mana bar, this shows you how much mana you have left. Once this is gone you will not be able to cast spells, but you can fill you

mana back up again with mana potions or by waiting until you recover it naturally.

4. This is your health bar, showing you much health you have left before dying. Dying means that you will get sent to the closest town. Also, when

you reach level 10, when you die you will loose a certain amount of exp.

5. The ! or ? mark means that you have some wanting to trade with you, invite you to their faction/squad, to add you as a friend, and so on.

6. This is your minimap, which shows you where other players are (the green dots) and NPCs, such as weapon vendors (yellow dots and sometimes the

orange ones) and the quest givers (the orange dots and sometimes purple ones).

7. This indicates the time of day in Perfect World.

8. This is telling you where you currently are, and as you can see I'm at the Inn of the Eagle.

9. These are your coordinates, telling you your exact position in Perfect World. This comes in handy when you are trying to find quest givers and

possibly people selling things.

10. This shows you your character's current level.

11. If you click this it will bring up your Character Info Screen, looking like this:

This tells you all you characters stats, defense, etc.. Also, when you level, this is were you go to spend your attribute points. (Shortcut Key:

ALT+C or C)

12. This brings up your quest menu. (Shortcut Key: ALT+Q or Q)

13. This is an useful and important tool, clicking this will give you the option to:

  • Change Char
  • Edit Your Graphics
  • Exit The Game
  • Open Up Help
  • and Contact A GM

14. Public Relations: If you click this it will bring up links to your friends, the actions window, and all things to do with interacting with the

rest of Perfect World.

15. This will bring up the skill list of all the spells that you currently have.

16. This will open your bag/inventory, showing you all the items that you have.

17. This is a skill bar were you would drag and drop spells. If I drag and drop a spell into slot 1, then if I press the "1" key that spell would

now cast.

18. This is how you put smilies into your chat text.

19. This is your chat box, you use this to speak with users, party members, friends, factions and so on. You do this by pressing enter and typing

what you want to say.

20. This is another skill bar, but instead of using 1 - 8 keys it uses F1 - F8 keys.

21. This is your safety lock status. The safety lock prevents you from using some functions such as trading for a short period of time after you

have just logged in.

22. These are various tools like the encyclopedia, coordinates assistant, and protections options. You can click the large bottom-left button to

access the Boutique.

That wraps up the user screen.

Armor and Weapons

Armor: You can buy armor from NPCs with "Tailor" in their name. The more you level, the more armor you can wear. Also, as level you can get better



Weapons you can buy from NPCs with "Blacksmith" in their name. The same goes here, the more you level, the more weapons you can use with you character. These NPC vendors can be found in any city or town/village.

Armor and weapons can sometime be acquired from monsters and quests, and some of these weapons may have sockets in them. A socket is a place were you can put shards/gems that you get throughout the game, from the "Merchant" NPCs, and from the Boutique/shop (more on that later) that will add a bonus to your armor and weapons, such as +5 Magic Attack.


Monsters are placed all around Perfect World and have set levels and elements.


Metal: Weak against fire

Wood: Weak against metal

Fire: Weak against water

Water: Weak against earth

Earth: Weak against wood

Non Elemental: Weak against nothing

Certain monsters will be harder to kill than others due to their rank. Some level 30 monsters may be easy to kill but some may be a lot harder, and you can see this because they will have a design around their name bar.


The Shop/Boutique is where items are available to be bought with gold, which is either bought with real money from this link or bought from the Auctioneer (in all major cities) through Gold Trading, where players can buy gold for coins from other players, or sell their gold to other players for coins. The Shop/Boutique contains rare and normal items, such as clothes which are used to make your character look different (read my male fashion or female fashion articles), ground mounts (see Ground), flying mounts (see Flying), and various other things that can make your game more fun or earn you some money.

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