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High critical percentage High accuracy High evasion Can deal both physical damage and magical damage Ranged attack Fast movement speed Can fly from level 1 Only other class besides assassin that can stealth Very useful in mass PK and TW


Low physical and moderate magical defense Low HP Deals less damage up close Draws aggro easily if not careful Usually picked second to assassins in squads for instances such as Frostcovered City

Archer Weapons

Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher Attack Speed Chart: Slower-Slow-Medium-Fast-Faster


Short range, Medium attack speed, Medium-Medium damage Bows:

Medium range, Slow attack speed, Low-High damage


Long range, Slower attack speed, Lower-Higher damage


Crossbows, Slingshots, and Bows have the same base maximum range. They differ in effective minimum range (damage is halved when too close)


As guardians of the winged elves, archers are both strong and agile. The heightened reflexes of the archer provide the steady aim required to vanquish enemies from afar. With an unwavering sense of pride and duty, archers can learn to shoot arrows both elemental and poisonous in nature. Archers gain the ability to fly at level 1, providing them with an early advantage in terms of mobility. Archers are one of the primary ranged physical damage dealers in Perfect World, specializing in critical hit percentage and accuracy. While having somewhat of a slower start than most other classes, this class really shines above level 70. </span>



High critical hit chance Tied with archers for running speed Very quick stealth skills Fast attacks Liked in most squads Best in 1v1 PvP Highest single target DPS Best chi gaining abilities Damage dodging and status dodging defensive skills Lots of controlling and approaching skills


Dies easily at lower levels due to low HP and defense Can be boring to play as you mostly just use auto attack Few AoE skills Short range compared to others May have trouble getting into high level guilds (too full of sins already) Not as strong at mass PvP (TW)

Assassin Weapons

Damage Chart: Lower-Low-Medium-High-Higher Attack Speed Chart: Slower-Slow-Medium-Fast-Faster


The primary weapon. Note that almost all skills require daggers as a weapon to cast. Short Range, Medium-Faster attack speed, Low-High damage. Some assassins use fists for the interval they can have on them.


The assassins are an elite class hailing from the tideborn race. Like their arcane class counterpart, the psychics, assassins have the potential of overtaking any and every class when used properly and effectively. This overtaking can only get easier when one takes advantage of the assassin's predominant ability, stealth. And, as the name suggests, the assassin is very capable of incapacitating various opponents partly due to their covert skills and high critical hit rates when an assassin is built with dexterity in mind. Akin to the untamed race, the tideborn are also capable of morphing into their more natural variant when exposed to their indigenous element, which is to say, the deep blue.



The barbarian is the class fit for those who, like its predatory ancestors, like making a mess out of an opponent. The barbarian is a natural-born tank staple to any squad on the battlefield, a staple which is comfortable taking hits and returning the punishment. Though the name of this class might suggest a sight composed of a massive brute ready to be outpaced by even the Abysmal Turtles native to their homeland, do not be fooled; the barbarian itself has the potential to reach speeds comparable to those atop mounts when morphed into their true form. Barbarians can allocate their stats a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, either building for maximum defense or maximum damage. Either way, this brute would wreck whosoever clumsily strays in its path.



Specializing in melee combat, blademasters come from a long line of seasoned warriors, and have been hardened by years of combat training. Blademasters are the most versatile of all damage dealers in Perfect World. They are also famous for being a strong solo class after level 60. Finally, blademasters are the kings of status effects, specifically in terms of stuns. This makes them extremely effective both against monsters and other players. There are two primary stat builds that players use with blademasters: heavy strength build in order to wear heavy armor and specialize in physical defense, or a mix between strength and dexterity while wearing light armor which has a better mix of magical and physical defense.



Clerics are needed in every squad. The great thing about being a cleric is that you get to heal your teammates and resurrect them, but also clerics are tough enemies to fight because of their abilities to heal themselves in an instant. Clerics also have the ability to fly at level 1 without the loss of mana. They deal moderate damage but learn powerful spells at a later level. Clerics really shine from level 20 and above.



Mystics are the magic class of the earthguard. They use magic weapons (magic swords, glaives, wands, and patakas) to attack and usually wear arcane armor. The mystic is halfway between a cleric and a venomancer, but with very high mana usage. They have several healing skills and a resurrection buff, along with being able to summon pets and plants. Their pets can attack, lure, tank, and some even provide buffs, while their plants can attack, AoE debuff, AoE sleep, or even AoE heal. This makes them a kind of "jack of all trades but a master of none" class that can usually fill any needs a squad might have, though not necessarily as well as a class that specializes in that particular need.



Just hearing the name, psychic, could make a grown blademaster shudder knowing that he would have to face the majestic contender of the oceans on the PvP battlefields eventually. But why should the blademaster shudder? What makes psychics so strong against melee classes is not because of their gargantuan damage, but their ability to unleash skills faster than any other magic class, naturally. Furthermore, they have several skills based around punishing the enemy for attacking, either by reflecting damage, reflecting debuffs, or simply causing their victims to injure themselves for each attack they make. It's not unheard of for someone to kill themselves by attacking a fully buffed psychic, when the psychic didn't attack at all.



Seekers are the melee class of the earthguard. They use swords to attack and wear heavy armor. The swords seekers wield are specialized for the sole purpose of removing the void that has been so tenacious in corrupting with what they call home, Perfect World. The seeker can and will destroy anyone who dares to impede their duty even when this impediment seems far away. If one thinks that one could get away from the swipe of their sword with only a few steps back, better think again, or one wouldn't be able to think again. Ever. One would want a seeker in any group if the group wants a capable support that could absorb a fairly high amount of damage and still be able to function in the team.



Evolved from an assortment of bats, foxes, and other small creatures, venomancers are cute, seductive, and deadly. Venomancers have the ability to charm animals and tame them as pets for battle to hold the foe at bay while you hit it with spells, and, similar to the barbarian, can take the form of a fox in order to increase their physical defense. Venomancers have a lot of freedom in terms of allocating their stats: they can invest a lot of points into strength in order to equip heavy armor and strengthen their defense while in fox form, or they can go full magic in order to maximize their ranged poison attacks, or even go for a mix of both in order to wear light armor to mitigate both magical and physical damage.



Trained in arcane knowledge, wizards have developed an array of long-ranged and high-powered magical attacks utilizing the elements of nature. As masters of the conjuring arts, wizards are vulnerable while casting, but once the casting is complete, they deal great damage to enemies. There are two primary stat builds that players use with wizards: full magic, which maximizes magical damage and high magical defense but poor physical defense, or a light armor build, which sacrifices magical damage and magic defense in exchange for better physical defense.

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