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  • Please note, this guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of Perfect World International or any other version of the game. However this guide is tailored specifically for Abyss Wars PW server only.

By: Kibi

Edited By: Reaver


New Character Freebies:

- New Characters start with 300.000 Reputation

- New Characters start with Celestial Sage and 3 sparks

- New Characters start with free R9 gear equipped

- Returned Warrior Pack Lvl 5 (Once used it will give an LVL 15 pack and so on up to level 55)

- DreamChaser Pack Lvl 1 ( Once used it will give an LVL 10 pack and so on up to level 40)

- Jones' Blessing (does not expire)

- O'Malley's Blessing (does not expire)

- All Skills up to Aware Of Vacuity learned and up to level 10

- 1 x Chest 1x Boots 1x Leggings 1x Weapon-Free

- 20 x War Avatar Pack New Character

- 1 x Geo Map

- 1 x Teleport Stone

- 10 x Teleport Incense

- 1 x Instant 105 Pill

- 1 x Celestial Schism

- 1 x Stone of Love·Recreation

- Full Unlock for Item Storage, Fashion Storage, Pet Inventory etc.

- 80 Inventory Slots

- 1 AW Starter Pack (can be opened just once per account)

Starter Pack

  • 28000 Supply Tokens
  • Nuema Set War Avatar Cards
  • 5000 Ten Million Big Notes
  • Arcane Sky Boundary Pill
  • Mirage Sky Boundary Pill
  • Astral Sky Boundary Pill
  • Shifting Sky Boundary Pill
  • Legacy Mark Pack
  • Voter Blessing Pack
  • 5000 Hidden Dragon Den
  • 5000 Quick Sand Maze Stone
  • 30 Barbaric Blood
  • 60 Primordial Blood
  • 3 JoSD Bound
  • 3 Deity Bound
  • 3 Creation Bound
  • 3 Stone of the Savant
  • 3 Primeval Stone
  • 3 Icebourne (Bound)
  • 3 Drakeflame (Bound)
  • 3 Dragon Orb Flame
  • 200 Basic Badges
  • Wing of Ascension
  • Crown of Madness Bound
  • 3 Sapphire Gems
  • 3 Garnet Gems
  • 3 Citrine Gems
  • 5 Hyper EXP Stone
  • 1 Event HS Resource Crate
  • 2 Event HS Animals/Seeds Crate
  • 1 Event HS Sigil Crate
  • 1 Elysian Seal
  • 50,000 Event Gold

- We recommend all new players to use the Event Gold to buy Star Chart items in Boutique > Event Shop.

General Freebies:

- Online Hours Reward gives 1 Game Gold for each hour players are online

- Ingame Trivia runs every 1 hour and rewards 2 Game Gold to the player who knows the answer

- 50 Vote Gold per day if player votes all 6 tops each 12 hours ( CLICK HERE TO READ FULL GUIDE )

- Custom DQ System will allow players to farm DQ items and sell them to NPC for points, earned points can be exchanged to Game Gold


The first thing you want to do is open up the geographical map, giving you access to all teleport points in the game. With the teleport points unlocked,

you can choose to remain in the primal starting zone or jump straight into the main map.

You’ll have the basic Rank 9 Gear equipped and should not have any trouble killing monsters. Since all skills start at level 10, some classes may

have MP problems at the beginning and be unable to use skills. Level a little bit for your max MP to increase, and you should be okay.

Leveling Up:

Use the Instant 105 Pill found in the inventory of your new character to level up your character to 105

Spirit Cultivation

  • On Abyss Wars, you start your character cultivation at maxim Sage, you will receive in your inventory a Celestial Schism in case you want to change to Demon
  • If you need the Celestones of Human/Heaven/Earth, you can either get them from monster drops in Invasion or find them being sold by players in the

commission shop.

Question: “Should I pick Demon or Sage?”

Answer: Do you like red or white spark?

Honestly, look through the skill menu and read what the bonus effects of each cultivation are. What works best for one person, may not be the

best for you. Nonetheless, here’s the breakdown for common cultivation picks for each class for the lazy ones.



First Rebirth:

  • The quest to begin is “New Horizons” from General Summer in Archosaur. Finishing this quest line will allow you to rebirth and give you access to the Primal World.

Second Rebirth:

  • When you have progressed your boundary level up to Arcane VI or higher, you can rebirth a second time. The stone, Stone of Love·Recreation can be found in your inventory.
  • You can’t progress into Mirage Sky until you have re-birthed a second time.


  • Once you reach level 100, you have a quest to talk to an NPC in Elysium Village. This will unlock access to Morai World.
  • The time it takes to get your Morai skills from each order has been shortened to about 1 week per order. If you do your dailies every day, it’ll be

about 3 weeks to get all your required skills.

There are two dungeons in Morai that are worth looking into:

  • The first is Endless Universe (EU). Completing this daily dungeon rewards you with 200 gold. Make sure you take the Element Spirit reward.
  • The second dungeon is Advanced Endless Universe (AEU). This dungeon can be completed multiple times per week and rewards 56 gold, 50 card packs, on

top of the normal rewards being doubled.

  • You’ll find the missing Morai skills in this dungeon. All classes except Duskblades and Stormbringers have 2 skills in this dungeon.
  • Morai Crazy Stone level 100+ can be taken daily. Once completed it’ll reward 20 card packs.


AW Starter pack will give you some Pills that will increase your Astral Level Faster

Some Primal quests have had their reward rates changed a little. The Vitae is unchanged.

There are 8 primal daily quests, some are locked behind boundary levels.

  • Stronghold Assault
  • Search for Energy
  • Rescue the Raccoon
  • Raccoon Alliance Pact
  • Lui Soo’s Plea - Mirage Sky I
  • Heroic Warsong - Mirage Sky I
  • Secret Princess - Astral Sky VIIII
  • This War ‘O Mine - Shifting Sky I

The primal quest chain is also a good way to gain Vitae. Each stage is unlocked as your boundary level increases.

Gearing Up

Weapon / Chest / Legs / Boots / Wrists / Belt:

  • You start with basic R9 gear equipped with your character
  • The stats of the basic R9 has been changed to only require 1 stat point. Once you recast them, the normal stat requirements will be in effect.
  • Your gear progression will look something like this: R9 > R9r2 > R9r3 > (Optional R9r4)
  • Pay Attention to the free mats that you receive from AW Starter Pack, they will help you upgrade your R9 to R9R2

R9 to R9r2:

  • USE the Supply Tokens you get for FREE from AW Starter Pack*
  • To change your R9 into R9r2 you will require a total of 9 Summerwind Tokens.
  • There are two ways to get Summerwing Tokens

BOTH of which are located in Thousand Stream:

  • Celestial General’s will trade 100 Rapture Crystals and 600 Uncanny Crystals per Summerwind Token, or
  • You can trade 500 Wedding Candies.

  • Raptures and Uncanny can be farmed in Nirvana Palace or traded with Supply Tokens.
  • Doing Nirvana will take about 27 runs in total to farm enough crystals of both types.

If you choose to use Supply Tokens, you’ll need 1980 tokens.

Wedding Candies can be made at the Matchmaker in West Archosaur with wedding wines.

  • Wedding Wines can be made from Tokens of Luck.
  • In total it will take 10000 Tokens of Luck per Summerwind Token, meaning a total of 90000 Tokens of Luck for a full set.

R9r2 to R9r3:

  • Upgrading R9r2 to R9r3 requires running the dungeons Warsong City and Lunar Glade or Sunset Valley.
  • In total you will need 210 Basic Badges, 4 Essence of Offence, 20 Essence of Defence, not counting rerolls.
  • Basic Badges can be farmed in both dungeons, each boss rewarding 4 Basic Badges.
  • Essence of Offence can only be farmed in Warsong City.
  • Essence of Defence only in Lunar Glade.

The final boss of each dungeon will drop 8 items.


  • Besides the badges and EoO/EoD, you’ll also need the armor and weapon molds for your class.
  • Armor can be gained from both dungeons, but weapons can only be farmed in Warsong City.
  • The Peerless Forge is used for upgrading your R9r2 to R9r3. They can be found in Warsong City and Lunar Glade.

Please be considerate of others when joining squads or forming your own squad for these dungeons. Players will understand that you are new, and may

not have the best gear. However, there are still some things you can do with your gear to help your performance. Imbue low-level shards, get a

little bit of refines, +1, +3, anything helps. Not all squads will have a high geared character to do most the work, so any little bit you do to

help yourself, increases the success rate for the whole squad.

Warsong/Lunar Molds can also be obtained from NPC Tank Sergeant in exchange of Tank Commander Stars that you receive for participating in the Sunset Valley Event

R9r4 (Totally Optional):

The recipes to craft R9r4 has been customized a little for this server.

  • It requires 2000/1000 HDD Stones and QSM Stones for the weapon/armor respectively.
  • Additionally, it costs 2000 Big Notes per piece.
  • These HDD and QSM Stones can be farmed in their respective dungeons.(Hidden Dragon Den, and Quicksand Maze 100+)
  • These gear pieces are not a direct upgrade, but instead a variant to the R9r3, meaning, they aren’t always better.


  • You start with a Rank 9 ring equipped. These rings can be upgraded at the Nation War Forges.
  • Alternatives to R9 rings, you can use Moon’s Embrace/Star’s Destiny/ or the Mortal/Solar Manifestations

Cape / Robe:

  • You’ll want to aim for the Cape of Dominator as your end game. Alternatively, you can use Lunar Glade capes for specific


  • Starter - Wings of Ascension
  • End Game - Cape of Dominator...can be obtained from Head Hunter using special tokens that can be earned from Head Hunter as well
  • You can also upgrade your Wing Of Ascension to Cape of Dominator using those special tokens in Vyn Forge (West Archosaur)


Starter - Crown of Madness

End Game - Crown of Dominator...can be obtained from Head Hunter using special tokens that can be earned from Head Hunter as well

  • You can also upgrade your Wing Of Ascension to Cape of Dominator using those special tokens in Vyn Forge (West Archosaur)


To start off, you’ll most likely want to make a Sky Demon’s Pearl. You can get the mold with mysterious chips from Mysterious Merchant, and the

materials you can farm, or buy from the boutique.

Badge of the Cube: Defiance will be your end game goal. You can either wait for Cube of Fate Stamps to drop from packs or farm the Cube of

Fate. Cube of Fate rewards has been increased to reward 4 Cogs per run and a wait time of only 1 minute.

Channeling Necklaces or TT99 Necklaces will build specific.


  • You’ll end with Emperor Tome, how you reach it is up to you.
  • You can go straight for a Scroll of Tome / Level 7 Tome, and upgrade at the Nation War Forge. Or you can make a Level 6 Tome, and find a Bookless

Transcript to upgrade into a Level 7 Tome, then upgrade up to Emperor.

  • It takes 7000 Supply Tokens to upgrade a Level 7 Tome to Emperor.


  • Obtaining Dragon Orbs to refine your gear can be done by opening Dragon Fire Packs from the boutique and HeavenFall Tower.
  • You can craft Dragon Orb Flame using just Dragon Orb (1 Star)
  • You can downgrade any other Dragon Orbs to Dragon Orb (1 Star) also
  • The only shortcut to getting higher level Dragon Orbs is to buy from other players or doing HeavenFall Tower (Floor 63).

Using 5* orbs and chienkun stones to craft 9,10,11 or 12 orbs is certainly a lot faster, and a lot less math. But it’s also more

expensive. For every chienkun stone you use, that’s one 1* orb you save, essentially pricing those 1* orbs at 1 gold. If you’re on a budget, spend a

little more time crafting the higher orbs by hand, it’ll be worth it.

Gems / Shards:

  • To start you can use any gems you like, most probably Citrine or Garnet in variety. The grade level will be up to how well funded you are, but it

shouldn’t matter too much as you’ll replace them eventually.

  • Don't forget you get several free Bound jewels from AW Starter Pack, put them to good use, you can get more in the future so you can upgrade them
  • Endgame armor gems include Vitality Stones +10/12, Jade of Steady Defence, Deity Stones, Serenity and Devil. There are multiple ways to get these gems, either from

other players, packs, or events.

  • For your weapon you’ll want Garnet or Sapphire variety gems. As the end game, you’ll want the Level 12 Drakeflame Stone or Iceborne Stone for damage.
  • Channeling you’ll use Stone of Savant. Critical Rate you’ll use Primeval Stone.
  • Any elemental damage you can use the elemental gems if desired.
  • The following events allow you to get at least 1 Diamond of Tiger or Diamond of Dragon stone every week from each of them:

- Forest Ruins

- Fighters Of Abominations

- HeavenFall Tower

also, Celestial Tigers and Dragon Temple Event have a lower chance to reward Diamond of Tiger or Diamond of Dragon stones

You can also get Accessories Stones from X Territory War (Dragon Conquest), the best way it's to join an active faction that has Dragon Territory

Card Set

Basically what you have to do it's to upgrade the Nuema Set that you already receive for free in the AW Starter Pack. There are many ways to get card packs daily.

  • Flowsilver Palace - 40
  • Undercurrent Hall - 40
  • Crazy Stone (morai) - 20
  • Delta / GV - 200
  • Heavenfall Temple - RNG
  • Advanced Endless Universe - 50 per run
  • Sunset Valley - Depends on performance
  • Various Weekly Events - Depends on performance, or per event

Rebirthing Cards:

  • A single card can be rebirthed twice.
  • You will need 4 copies of the exact same card in order to do this.
  • First Rebirth takes a max level card + one any level card.
  • Second Rebirth takes a max level RB1 card + one any level RB1 card


Your character will start with all skills up to Aware of Vacuity at level 10

  • All demon/sage skill books will drop from bosses in Flowsilver Palace or Hidden Dragon’s Den
  • Some classes have skills that can only be obtained from these bosses.
  • Skills can also be made with Pages of Fate, Old Book Pages, Advanced Mystical Pages, and Mysterious Pages
  • Some skill books also drop in FB89 Eden and Brimstone. *This only applies to the original 6 classes
  • The cultivation skills 79/100 can be made at the forge in Thousand Stream, or certain Morai Orders.
  • Morai skills from Morai orders *see Morai section
  • Morai skills from Morai orders *see Morai section
  • Primal skills can be made and learned as your boundary level progresses. They can be made in the forge in Kirin Town.

Primal Blood and Barbaric Blood can also be obtained from NPC Tank Sergeant in exchange of Tank Commander Stars that you receive for participating in the Sunset Valley Event


  • The main currency in AbyssWars is Gold
  • Gold: DQ system, Events
  • Each DQ item in the game gives a certain amount of points when sold to an NPC. These points can be exchanged for gold at a rate of 500 points: 1

gold. Two commands can be used by typing them into the chat box.

  • To check how many points “@checkpoints”
  • To exchange your points “@exchangepoints”
  • A mail will be sent in-game to your character.
  • Coins: Coins are not useless, just less in demand, it’s good to be prepared and keep collecting your coins.

Notable Events and Dungeons

  • Every day: Theater of Blood, Invasion on Archosaur (Shortly after server maintenance till 23:00 server time.), Faction Base Trials
  • Sunday: Sunset Valley, Territory Wars, Nation Wars
  • Monday: Sunset Valley, Celestial Tigers
  • Tuesday: Sunset Valley, Forest Ruins, Dragon Temple
  • Wednesday: Sunset Valley, City of Abominations
  • Thursday: Sunset Valley, Resource Wars
  • Friday: Sunset Valley
  • Saturday: Sunset Valley, Territory Wars, xTerritory War (Dragon Conquest)
  • Dungeons: Lyceum (Venomancers Only), Heavenfall Temple (Resets once every Wednesday night), Cube of Fate, Flowsilver Palace, Undercurrent Hall,

Hidden Dragon Den, Quicksand Maze, Endless Universe, Advanced Endless Universe, Delta, Uncharted Paradise

Sunset Valley event which runs every day at 17:00 server time will help you gear up faster, the event doesn't require any gear so anyone participating it's on equal footing

Check Tank Sergeant NPC in West Archosaur for Sunset Valley rewards, they include R9R3 Molds, R9R4 Mats, R8R3 Mats, Barbaric/Primordial Bloods, Feral Soul Star, and Homestead stuff

Star Chart



There are five different ways to get packs.

  • GM Events.
  • GM Events award tokens that can be converted into packs at the Head Hunter NPC.
  • Voting for the website for VoteGold, and spending it on the User Panel vote shop.
  • Dungeon Farming

-The Head Hunter NPC has specific quests to farm dungeons for tokens that can be exchanged for packs.

  • ST

- Can convert ST > Event Gold

> Speak with General Helian NPC located at West Archosaur near Illusion Stone

> Click Quest related

> You need to have 100 Lv at least.

  • Donate

Question: “What packs are the best to buy?”

Answer: Depends on what you’re looking for.

As much as I like telling people what to spend their money on, there is no “best” pack for everything and therefore can’t give you a specific answer

for this.

The links to each pack on PWDatabase is under each pack on the webshop, take a look there what the specific pack has to offer and what % each item

has to drop.

For more in detail information about the server and changes we did to it and how they impact you please CLICK HERE

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