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How to Get a Starchart

By: Kibi

You can not get a starchart until you have rebirthed your character at least once. When you step into the primal world for the first time you will get a quest “Dark Emperor’s Fate Starchart”. Completing the quest by talking to Light Emperor Alexander will reward you with your first Starglade Chest. Opening that chest will give your first starchart.

Additional Starcharts can be gained through a series of specific primal dailies, or killing the Azure Drake in Flowsilver Palace Judgment Mode. The primal dailies are locked behind certain boundary levels, and also primal map phases.

The Menu

You can access the starchart menu by clicking on the star underneath your character in your inventory.


There are 3 main sections to the starchart menu, the chart layout(red), the stats(purple), chart options(green).


The Chart Layout

  • On the left side of the chart layout is your starchart’s experience. Hovering over the blue bar will show how much experience is needed to reach the

next level. The total amount of experience needed to reach level 50 (max) is 6321.

  • The higher level your starchart, the more ‘value’ you get out of each stat on your starchart.
  • You can increase your chart’s experience with the “Astral Infuse” option (more on it later).

  • On the right side of the chart layout is your character’s astral energy. Just like the chart experience, hovering over the purple bar will show you

how much exp is needed to reach the next astral energy. The max astral energy is 10. (Calculations on Astral Energy at the bottom)

  • You can increase your astral energy with “Horoscope” option (more on it later).

  • In the middle of the chart layout is the stars. There are 5 inner stars (birthstars) and 5 outside stars (fatestars). The number of active stars

corresponds to the number of stats your chart has. Fatestars give a larger bonus to the stat that occupies it.

  • A fatestar has a chance of becoming active when the 2 birthstars connected to it are also active. This means you need a minimum of 3 stats to have

a fate star.


The Stats

This is where you see the stats of your current equiped starchart. Hovering over each stat will tell you the maximum value you can gain from that particular stat type.

The possible stat attributes include:

  • HP
  • MP
  • Evasion
  • Accuracy
  • Physical Resistance
  • Magic Resistance
  • Wood Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Metal Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Earth Resistance
  • Physical Attack
  • Physical Penetration
  • Magic Attack
  • Magic Penetration
  • Spirit

You can have a maximum of 10 stats out of the pool of available stats. The minimum number of stats is equivalent to your astral energy. There is a

random chance to get more stats than your astral energy on your starchart.

For example:

  • Astral Energy : 3
  • Number of Possible Stats: 3 - 10

Out of your stats, you can have duplicates of the same stat up to a max of 2. The stats that you get when rerolling your starchart is random. All

classes have the possibility of getting all the stat attributes.

Astral Infusion

This option lets you level up your starchart by infusing other starcharts or Astrobana Pearls. When you click on this option, your mouse pointer

turns into a jar.

Clicking on another starchart or the pearls will have your equipped chart absorb the experience it gives.

You can see how much experience a chart or Pearl gives before you infuse them.


Experience between starcharts are transferred automatically, but Aptitude is not. In this new window, you get the option to choose which Aptitude

between the two starcharts you would like to keep. Please remember the option you do not pick, is lost forever, so be careful when devouring



This is where you reroll your starchart for different stats


Each reroll costs Nebula Dust Orbs, and for each Nebula consumed, you get 1 Astral Energy experience. You can either roll one by one, or use the

Swift Horoscope option.

To start using Swift Horoscope

-First, check it off in the bottom left corner.

-Next set the minimum number of strings you’d like before it automatically stops rerolling.

-The number of strings is equivalent to the number of stats on the star chart. If you pick a minimum of 7 strings, the game will keep consuming Nebula Dust Orbs until you get 7 or higher stats, or you run out of Nebulas.

-The option below is the maximum number of Nebulas the game will use to reroll for swift horoscope.

Horoscope only changes the stat attributes the starchart has. The Level and Aptitude are unaffected.


The pearls can be consumed as long as the starcharts aptitude is within the range of the pearl’s requirements.For example level 1 pearls stop

working after your starchart’s Aptitude has reached level 10.

As you level the aptitude of your starchart, it is randomly assigned to each of the 5 birthstars. Once you have reached an Aptitude of 20, you can

use level 4 pearls to reroll the aptitude positions. It will take all 20 aptitude, and randomly reassign it to each of the 5 birthstars. Keeping in

mind the limits of having a minimum value of 1.00, and a maximum of 5.00.

Maxing Out a Starchart

Total Cost to level a starchart from level 1 to max: 13620 - 14370 Gold

  • EXP: 9495 Gold
  • Aptitude: 4125 - 4875 Gold

Breakdown -

  • 633 Astrobana Pearl Lv3(15 gold) : 9495
  • 250 Astropira Pearl Level 1 (1.5 gold) : 375 Gold
  • 250-500 Astropira Pearl Level 2 (3 gold) : 750 Gold - 1500 Gold
  • 500 Astropira Pearl Level 3 (6 gold) : 3000 Gold

Astropira Pearl Level 2 has a varying cost since it randomly gives either 0.01 or 0.02 aptitude.

General Advice on How to Fine Tune Your Starchart Assuming:

1.Chart A - level 50, and Aptitude 20 (Currently Equipped)

2.Chart B - level 1, and Aptitude 5 (Currently Rerolling)

3.Horoscope Chart B until desired stats

4.Equip Chart B and Astral Infuse Chart A

5.Select new stats (inherit the 20 aptitude, abandon the 5)

6.Stargazing until desired star layout

7.Starshift until Aptitude layout matches desired star layout

General Advice on How to Reroll Your Starchart

1.Keep your main starchart that you have leveled up.

2.Save any starglade chests unopened until you need them.

3.Using a second low level chart, reroll until the stat attributes are more desirable than your main chart.

4.Switch the charts, and consume your main chart, turning your second chart into your new main.

5.Open a starglade chest to gain a new low level chart to use for your rerolling purposes.

Astral Energy


Starchart Simulator


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