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As Star Charts are a very flexible system that was made to adapt to your gameplay style, this guide is not an exhaustive one but

rather a little help to get you started and find your own way. We are completely open to your suggestions just send us ticket through

Helpdesk located in our website.

After reaching Arcane Sky I, you can obtain a Star Chart from a Starglade Chest. Each star chart will have different Attributes that

will increase your stats. After receiving your first chart from Light Emperor Alexander, you can get more from daily quests in the

silent sea area of primal and from FSP judgement mode.

The slot of the Star Chart is next to the boots in your inventory. Accessing your Star Chart Window once you have one equipped can be

done by pressing on the Star located under the Meridian in the inventory. As Highlighted below.

Star Chart Inventory.jpg

Every Star Chart has 10 Starpoints. The 5 Stars in the inner pentagon are Birthstars, and the 5 outer Stars on the stars tips are


When a Starpoint is lit, it means that Starpoint is activated. You can click on an activated Starpoint to view its activated


This is what a Star Chart looks like :

Star Chart star points.jpg

The numbers displayed on each Starpoint represent their Aptitude. Aptitude determines the value of a Starpoint's attributes. Attributes scale with

Aptitude, aka the higher the Aptitude, the higher the attributes and stat bonus gained.

Total aptitude is capped at 20.00. If the total Aptitude isn't maxed out, there are still Starpoints to be activated.

- The cap of a single Birthstar is 5.00.

- The Aptitude of a Fatestar equals the sum of the Aptitude of the two adjacent(the two adjoining) Birthstars.


Enhancement Features

Level and Astral Infusion :

Astral Infusion.jpg

- The left gauge represents a Star Chart's Level and current EXP.

- Star Char Level determines the value of all the attributes in a Star Chart. Attributes scale up with the Star Chart Level.

Astral Infusion is used to fuse Star Charts

Astrobana Pearls for EXP. This is similar to Devour(War Avatar Cards) in that you infuse other

StarCharts(like cards) or Astrobana Pearls(like packs) for the EXP they have.

- If you infuse a star chart, you will gain all of its acquired EXP. So if you have 3/6 EXP and you Infuse a star Chart that has 2/6 EXP, you will

then have 5/6 EXP.

Star Charts have 50 Levels.

Astrobana Pearl.jpg - Astrobana Pearl

Can be obtained by doing the Daily quests :

- Raccoon Alliance pact, Liu soo's PLea and Stronghold Assault.

- Instance Boss : Judgement - Century Golden Toad.

When infusing, you can also choose to inherit the target Star Char's Aptitude. The result is a Star Chart which averages the Aptitude of both

charts: If you have a 15 aptitude Star Chart and a 0 Aptitude Star Chart, you will get a 5 aptitude Star Chart out of inheriting.

Horoscope and Astral Energy :


Through Horoscope, the activated Starpoint quanity, Attribute Content and Attribute Position in a Star Chart will be Changed. Aptitude, EXP

and Level won't Change.

Each Horoscope randomly changes the number and types of attributes and activated Star Points.

Star Charts can give you up to 10 new attributes.

Horoscope requires Nebula Dust Orbs to conduct.

Nebula Dust Orb.jpg - Nebula Dust Orb

Can be obtained by doing the Daily quest : Strangeness in the snow

Instance Boss : Tyrant Prince Mushi

Instance Boss : Belle Leun, the Mad Princess

The right gauge represents a character's Astral Energy and it's EXP. Astral Energy and EXP are of importance. Astral Energy is NOT affected by

Star Charts(will stay the same even when you change which Star Chart you equip).

Astral Energy determines how many Star points you get when fusing Star Charts or conducting Horoscope. It also determines your odds of

successfully opening a Starglade Chest, and the lower-cap of the yielded attributes from Horoscope.

Higher Star Points lead to more activating. The minimum activated will equal your character's Astral Energy.

Astral Energy has 10 levels. The required EXP goes up between each level :

- Astral Energy LV1 - LV2 Requires 50 EXP

- Astral Energy LV2 - LV3 Requires 250 EXP

EXP can be obtained from higher level Nebula Dust Orbs, when you use them to Horoscope. You can see the amount of EXP gained from the Nebula

Dust Orbs by hovering your cursor over them to display the description.


Stargazing changes your activated Star points. The Attribute content of each Star Point and Value will not be changed.

Only if the two Birthstars are activated will the Fatestars between them activate.

Stargazing requires Starseeker Powder.

Starseeker Powder.jpg - Starseeker Powder

- Can be obtained in the boutique.

Each Star Chart has 10 Star Points, as previously explained, and EVERY Star Point therefore has a corresponding attribute. Only the ones that are

activated and highlighted will give you it's attributes and you will be able to see what they are. Stargazing changes at random which of these

Points are activated. So let's say the top Fatestar Point on the star is spirit, regardless of whether it is activated or not, it's attribute will

remain as spirit, and if it becomes deactivated, you can try to reactivate it through Stargazing.

In light of this, if you are going to use Stargazing, it is worth nothing down the attributes of any Star Points you have currently activated so

that you can make better judgement in wanting to level that particular Star Chart.

It is not advised to do this early on or at low levels. If you have good stats but want to see what the other points are, so you can decide if you

want to level it, then this is a good reason to do so. That way when you level your astral energy, you may eventually unlock all the attributes on

the Star Chart already knowing what they will be.


By conducting Starshift, one of your five Birthstars will gain extra Aptitude. This will increase your total aptitude as a result.

The max Aptitude for a Birthstar is 5.00, with the total cap being 20.00. When the total aptitude reaches 20, conducting Starshift will re-assign

the Aptitude of your 5 Birthstars.

For example : If you have five Birthstars at values, 5, 5, 5, 3, 2, which equals to 20 and you conduct Starshift, it will reassign the 20 aptitude

between the Birthstars. The result, for example, could then be values at, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, again equaling 20.

The aptitude of a Fatestar is determined by the two Birthstars connected to it.

Starshifting requires Astrospira Pearls of the appropriate level.

- Astrospira Pearls

Can be obtained through Daily quests : Raccoon Alliance Pact, Heroic Warsong and Search for Energy.

Instance Boss: Judgement - Blossom Succubus

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