Territorial War Rewards

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The reward for Territory Wars (aside from bragging rights) is a number of coins mailed to the faction leader (in the form of 10 Million Big Notes) every week on Friday.

For each territory owned, the faction leader receives:
  • Tier 3 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (1)
  • Tier 2 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (2)
  • Tier 1 Territory: 10 Million Big Note (3)

Also, the faction leader of one randomly selected territory per week will also receive a Medal of Glory, which can be used to create Rank IX gear.

Owning a territory also allows you to teleport to the city directly using the town portal skill for every guild member of the guild once per hour.

If you own a territory you can receive a free heal from your governor, and some governors allow you to manufacture special Apothecary items you cannot create anywhere else.

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