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Uncharted Paradise is a dungeon that was added with the PWI Elysium expansion. The entrance is in the Primal World, at the top of the Shoka Sanctuary (493 456) southeast of Tideswell, and Swordsman Zenray will give you the Silent Sea Sandgrain you will need to enter.

The first time you talk to Swordsman Zenray you will receive 3 Silent Sea Sandgrains; afterwards you can only receive one per day. The quest can only be completed once per day.

Players will need to face three challenges, each of them gradually more difficult, but the rewards are worth the hard job; the hard-sought materials required to craft the Dragonbreath Weapons of the Sixteen Lords of Elysium, the most powerful weapons in the world.


"The mysterious vortex still churns in the Silent Sea. Those who have explored it came back entranced, then went back to the vortex and never returned. It's now up to you to discover what secrets lie within its depths."



The Uncharted Paradise was once a prosperous village, until the primal God, Pan Gu, flooded the world. Now it's destroyed and divided into seven pieces, each ruled by a powerful guardian. All you need to do is gain entry into the Uncharted Paradise, and defeat five of the Guardians and collect the spoils of war. Sounds easy enough?

If you said yes, you would be wrong. Things are never that easy in the Uncharted Paradise. Each dungeon run consists of five challenges, the first and last will always be the same, but the three challenges in the middle will be at random. You never know what you are in for once you step foot on this paradise.



Squad Structure

As with every other instance, with the right squad this dungeon can be spark-nuked: the right Heaven's Flame, the right Amplify Damage, good damage dealers and so on. You might even not have the need for a Barbarian to tank. Rank 9 characters will have no trouble going through this, given they know how to handle the bosses. Once you have been through a few times, even people in Awakened Nirvana gear should have very little problem with this instance


  • Two Clerics: if one dies, the other steps up to rise them back up. This problem can be solved with a Mystic, too: plus, they can be good damage dealers, if played right. If the Cleric is awesome, though, maybe one will suffice.
  • One Blademaster (or more): preferably with Demon Heaven's Flame, for better defense debuff.
  • A Venomancer: for Amplify Damage and defense debuffs.
  • Ranged damage dealers: Archers or Seekers, or both, preferably.
  • AOE damage dealers: Wizards, Psychics.
  • A Barbarian: and one that knows his class, and has a good connection, and won't die. (Namely, over 27,000 HP and good defense levels)
  • A lot of bravery and patience. This isn't a dungeon where you can just lash out and storm off: this is harder than your regular J-FSP, and if you don't die through this, consider yourself lucky.
  • If you fail try, try again! If your squad becomes frustrated, it may not be your lucky day

Squad leaders: make sure no one has less than 10k HP, or if they do (never less than 8k) make sure they know how to play their class. Basically you'll want to have one of each class, to have a balanced squad. Untamed have debuff skills and tanking capabilities, Humans have great power, Elves have the healing and AOE, Tideborn and Earthguard a high damage level, and Nightshades are great with CC. Make sure to bring classes that can attack all kinds of elements (wood, metal, fire, earth, water).

Daily and Weekly Quest

Once per day, players will receive a daily quest named Travel in Uncharted Paradise upon entering the instance. To complete this quest, players will need to kill Pathkeeper Bajan, the first boss, 1 Ocean Pillar Iron which appears after the boss in the 2nd trial is killed, and the Lord of Paradise, the final boss.

Completing this quest will give the following rewards:

   * Rough Bloodstone Shard x5
   * Rough Iron Shard x3
   * Ether Jade x1

In addition, once per week, players can use 6 Silent Sea Sandgrains to receive a weekly quest named Paradise Lost (W) at the Reclusive Elder at the entrance of Uncharted Paradise once inside. This quest requires players to kill Pathkeeper Bajan, the first boss, 1 Ocean Pillar Iron which appears after the boss in the 2nd trial is killed, and the Lord of Paradise, the final boss.

Completing this quest will give the following rewards:

   * Rough Bloodstone Shard x15
   * Rough Iron Shard x9
   * Ether Jade x3
   * Abiu Seed x2
   * Ginseng Fruit Seed x1
   * Deer Fawn x2
   * Piglet x1
   * Zenith Skull x1 (1% chance to get)

First Challenge - Trial of Unity and Pathkeeper Bajan

In the Trial of Unity you'll be presented with a chess board, with the two row in green, and the rest set aflame. Five players need to stand on the green circles, thus unlocking the second row. The next five players will then move forward, settling on the second row. The third row will be unlocked, and then the players in the first row will have to move to it. This is done until they reach the 9th and 10th rows, when the path will be clear, and you all will have to jump forward to land among the pillars, and kill them.

Every pillar represents an element: water, earth, fire, metal, and wood, and they're all immune to physical attacks. You'll have to find the right magic attack to bring them down, or you won't be able to face the next boss: Pathkeeper Bajan.

The attacks that can kill the pillars are as follows:

  * Metal: metal, earth
  * Fire: fire, water
  * Water: water, earth
  * Wood: wood, fire
  * Earth: physical, earth

Pathkeeper Bajan


There are two ways of doing this: spark kill, which if you know about you already know how to do it, and the regular way. A couple of considerations about Bajan:

At a certain point, he'll call forth the Avatars of the Elements, and they'll begin to approach him. If they reach him, he'll get empowered, and one-shot most characters (unless you can time Absolute Domain, Pan Gu's Essence, or Ironguard Powder just right). The more avatars to reach him, the more powerful his strike will be.

Each avatar will be immune to all elements except two. They can slightly differ from the pillars killed before the boss. The attacks that can kill the avatars are as follows:

   * Metal: metal, earth
   * Fire: fire, water
   * Water: water, wood
   * Wood: wood, fire
   * Earth: physical, earth

He'll summon two red circles that one shot your character, consecutively, one bigger than the other. To add insult to injury, he'll also reel you in before that. Just escape it, but never leave the blue walls. If you do, your squad is doomed.

Also, don't step out of the blue walls. It's an instant squad wipe. If you die, just wait on the cleric resurrection. If you die and you're a cleric, and don't have resurrection scrolls or buff, pray for your squad.

Look at him, all mighty and fearsome. The strategy is quite easy: as has been said, he can be spark killed. If you choose to do the regular way, the moment the ads spawn you need to hold them. They're invulnerable to physical attacks, and only get affected by the attacks of their own element. Sins and psys, for example, will be able to take the water one, while barbs, for example, can hit the wooden one with their Poison Fang buff - even though they're more useful with the earth avatar. It's all a matter of adapting your squad. It's not about killing them, but preventing them from reaching the boss.

This becomes harder to do when he reels you in and does his AOE one hit kill attack (the red concentric circles), because the ads will keep moving. You can use ranger attacks to hold them in place: just aggroing them will stop them. Since there are five avatars, you'll need five players on guard duty, and the other five on damage duty. The boss ought to go down just fine, especially if you can time your invulnerability aids.

Everyone must be alive to kill this boss, or else they won't get kill credit if they have the weekly quest.

Second Challenge - Random Trial

The second challenge is a random trial chosen from the Trial of Calligraphy: Wordless Scholar, the Trial of Wine: Lame Drinker Weist, the Trial of Music: Unfettered Lady, the Trial of Strategy: Dark Guardian or the Trial of Painting: Seclusive Painter Yolan. Bosses from these these trials will spawn a Pillar upon dying which is required for the weekly and daily Uncharted Paradise quests and the daily Homestead quests. Unlike the other trials, the actual boss kill is not required for any quests.

Trial of Calligraphy: Wordless Scholar


On the ground you'll see ten "runes" painted, glowing with blue flames in some spots. These need to be activated in the right order, or else the trial will be failed. Also, the runes need to be completed all at the same time. To know whether a spot has been activated, the flames will change from blue to red. Always leave the last spot inactive, and wait on your squad to be ready to finish the runes all at the same time, and then hop on the last flame to activate it and summon the boss. This is the order in which the runes have to be completed: Calligraphy Guide.

Most squads will choose to spark kill this boss. Most squads will choose to spark kill all bosses - except the last one. But for those who don't, you'll need to re-do some of the runes: first one, then two, and finally all ten of them. They can be done in any order. Word of advice, let the most experienced or artsy player do it while you keep smacking the ads.

   * The paintbrushes slow you down. Big deal.
   * The Living Calligraphies (the golden swastikas) will reel you in. It's advised you kill them. You probably will, since the boss will likely be invulnerable while you're doing the runes.

If you fail three times, you'll have to do the boss again, from the start, only that you won't need to do all 10 runes at the end. Your choice.

Trial of Music: Unfettered Lady


This is just the boss. Simple but annoying.

   * Avoid the red circles: you'll get one-shot.
   * You'll get a DoT stack, and the boss will absorb your health. Go to the correct circle, according to your DoT: Poison, green circle. Fire, red circle. Sandstorm, yellow circle...
   * She will spawn mobs in the middle, and there's one that gives her a damage reduction buff, but you won't be in time because she'll almost immediately yell...
   * ... that you need to find an instrument, or get one-shot. Follow the white lines on the ground to the pedestal, and cower in the circle.

Every time someone dies, the boss gets a damage reduction buff. It will stack to 10, and if it does, enjoy your virtually unkillable boss.

Trial of Painting: Seclusive Painter Yolan


You'll have 10 players in the squad. Every member takes a number, from 1 to 10. 9 and 10 need to be AOE damage dealers, and will be killing the mobs on the small fountain-like construction at the side to gather ink. The trial will call for a certain number of people, and a square on the painting will have a pillar of light. If it says "8 inks!" then players 1 through 8 need to rush there to paint it. Do not move until it says "Success!" in green. Try not to fail more than three times, or else the whole trial will reset.

Amidst a cloud of ink, the boss will appear! She'll spawn lotus flowers on the edges, and you need to rush to them to get protected from her one-shot AOE (notice a pattern here?). If people die, the boss will heal. After then, she'll be a pain in the ass, summoning stuff like:

   * Plants that cast Occult Ice wherever they are. Kill them quickly.
   * Lotus Spirits (trees) that need to be led to a green circle to the left side of the painting.
   * Spinny-killy-sword-things that will one-shot you.
   * Transparent blobs that reel you around - most likely into a spinny sword.
   * Where the lotus flowers spawned, blue flowery circles that freeze and seal you, all while damaging you.

This boss is a lot of fun. Really.

Trial of Strategy: Dark Commander


You need your non-AOE physical damage dealers and tank hitting the boss, and the other damage dealers killing whatever he spawns. He'll begin tossing brown chess pieces at the other NPC across the board, and they need to be killed before they reach him. This can't be emphasized enough: they need to be killed, or else it's a reset.

In addition to this, he'll also call in catapults: stones will rain from the sky, and one-shot you (getting tired of these one-shots already). Also, he'll summon some chess pieces that send you flying up in the air, or stun you, or both. And lastly, he'll call forth siege engines / battering rams that will run you over and, you guessed right, one-shot you. More or less. But shave my character's fur if he isn't the easiest boss.

Trial of Wine: Lame Drinker Weist

Foreword of advice: pull him over to the side, and don't let him go near the waterfall to "sober him up". He'll reset if you do. Clear the room first, starting in the center, and then around the cups. These little mobs (the wine elementals) will also spawn when the boss calls them, and this time will debuff you when it stacks to 10. To get rid of it, the ranged damage dealers need to kill the Essence of Sobriety (a flapping golden gourd) and whoever's affected will have to rush to the blue circle that will spawn and "rinse the debuff".

Also, drunkards will spawn, but this time they... yes, you guessed right, if they catch you they one-shot you! So you have to get their attention, and then lead them to the right cup. If you don't know which is it, just run around, but it's usually red with red, white with white, yellow with yellow. But you can be in a rush not to care about colors, and that's okay.

NOTE: Everyone needs to be alive to kill the pillar that spawns after these bosses are killed, and to pick up teh phat lewt.

The Trial of Reflection

Congratulations if you've made it this far! Now get ready to die. Seriously, though! This is the hardest part. Crack your knuckles, take a deep breath, and get ready to face...


Yes, whenever the squad leader starts this quest, ten puppets mimicking your classes will appear. Before taking the quest use your buffs, anti-stun and anti-seal skills. Allow the tank of your squad to take aggro off the puppets while the rest of the squad tries to kill them. You cannot stun the puppets and certain debuffs may not work on them.

Lord of Paradise


This is where the Barbarian shines. And basically shines because if he doesn't, the squad dies. If he dies, squad wipe. If he doesn't hold aggro and the cone of doom switches to the rest of the squad, squad wipe. If they die during the circles, squad wipes. Very stressful if you're a barb. You must always resurrect the barb first, before you get obliterated. Take a good look at the statues, and remember where they are: you'll need to run to them soon enough.

The first thing he'll do is put a bomb on someone. Whoever has it, has to run away or get everyone else killed. Then, he'll show a red cone of doom that only barbarians can withstand, no matter the gear - unless it's very squishy.


At the 25% HP mark, the boss will reel you in, paralyzed, and then you'll have to rush to your statue. The boss will be untargettable while he does his thing, and then when he becomes targettable again, the barb RUNS! towards him, aggros him, and starts dancing around the circles. Most people say "just take one circle and follow it"; yes, do that. When he does the cone attack, if you're being aggroed, you'll kill everyone nearby so hope your barb is good enough to maintain aggro. You can try to stand riiiiiight between the circles as they pass, or you can just move up and down between rows of circles quickly. Choose your way, but don't get anyone killed. This will happen twice, unless you're quick enough to kill him. If you know how to time it, you can also double jump over the circles. This is highly risky though as a mistimed jump will result in you dying.

After that, the worst part is over. He'll spawn mini-versions of the bosses, like Belle Leun or Aurogon; just dispose of them quickly. Adding insult to injury, he'll spawn meteors, distinguishable by the red circles on the ground. Guess what? They can one-shot you! When he's about to die, he'll spawn lava, which can kill you very quickly, so just run away from it. But no more cones of doom, dancing circles, or whatever, so just smack him around, and take a deep sigh when he dies. Collect your fat loot, and go rest a little at your Homestead. You've earned it, champ. Wanna do it again tomorrow?

Once this boss is started, the stairs leading into this room will be covered with a wide area of lava which instantly kills you. You can Holy path and double jump over it or use an immunity but be cautious of cone or circles when re-entering. If members of your squad have died and struggle to get back into the area, they can stand at the top of the stairs and still be credited with the boss kill. Just beware of getting too close to the lava on the stairs.

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