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The Nation Wars King

To add an extra layer of complexity to the Nation Wars we have added a player-appointed Nation King.

How to Become a King

All players qualified to enter Nation Wars are eligible to bid for the position of Nation King.

If you think you have what it takes, wait until Wednesday (20:30-21:00) and speak with the Nation War Recruiter (548,678) in Archosaur. Each bid for the position

requires a quest item called: Ten Million Big Notes. These items will not be returned after the bidding closes. When the time expires the three

players who bid the most notes will move on as Candidates for King position . Make sure to bid as much as you can because you cannot up your bid or bid again anymore once you bid once

Once the Nation King Candidates have been chosen, players qualified to enter Nation Wars can vote at the Nation War Recruiter for one day, from 22:00

Wednesday to 22:00 Thursday.

To vote, eligible players must purchase a Ballot from the Nation War Recruiter for 3,150,000 coins. There is no limit to the amount of

Ballot's that players can purchase and use to vote.

Knight Guide NPC found in Cross Server Wargod Gulch gives also 1x Ballot for free every week, don't forget to claim it

The player with the most votes when the time is up will become the Nation King until bidding opens the following week.

The Perks of Being Nation King

After being elected, the Nation King can pick up a Imperial’s Seal from the Nation War Recruiter. It must be accepted before 20:00 on Friday or it

will no longer be available. This Blessing Box lasts for 6 days and grants significant stat bonuses.

Role of Nation King During Battle

The Nation King has an extremely special role during the war. They are responsible for manning the Nation Headquarters and direct players on

the battlefield.

During the war, Nation King can use Nation chat for free unlike other players. The nation will know when their Nation King speaks because Nation King

text appears in a special color.

The Nation King position also comes with three special abilities they use during Nation Wars. One of the many strategic choices that must be made is

when to use King points. Two of the special abilities use these points and only 1000 are available each war.

King Abilities

* Minor Assist Order

- Costs 50 King points

- Grants all players in a chosen battlefield 25% more points if they win the battle.

* Major Assist Order

- Costs 100 King points

- Grants all players in a chosen battlefield 50% more points if they win the battle.

Modification of Battlefield Entrance Requirements

Does not cost King points

The King has the power to set specific requirements for entering a battlefield. Examples of the requirements they can set are: limit the number

of a certain class that can join, requiring certain stats or a specific level to enter a battlefield.

These requirements can be set for seven battlefields at once.

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