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How to get Custom DQ points:

- Sell to any NPC shop any of the items found in the list under

- Sell DQ items only in normal server, Don't sell when you are in CROSS SERVER.

How to check points:

Type ingame: @checkpoints

- Players will receive an ingame email stating how many points they have

How to exchange points:

Type ingame: @exchangepoints

- Players will receive an ingame email stating how many points they exchanged

DQ PvE Ranking Website

- PvE Live Ranking can be found here:

Exchange Rate Custom DQ Points / Game Gold

- The rate at this moment it is 5 DQ points = 1 silver*

  • We reserve the right the modify the Custom DQ Points To Game Gold Exchange Rate as we see fit at any time, with or without notification

DQ Items List

DQ Level 21 / 1 point


Disguise Skin

Element Dust

Mystical Meat

Rhino Horn

Soft Fur

DQ level 31 / 2 points

Complete Sack

Dew of Herbs

Dull Claw

Element Fragment

Honey Juice

Mystical Claw

DQ level 41 / 4points

Big Buck


Dew Orb

Element Stone

Mystical Blood

RubyBead Herb

DQ level 51 / 6 points

Beast Bone

Element Crystal

Ghost Charm

Mystical Eye

Pendant of Glacia

Strong Acid

DQ level 61 / 9 points

Deadly Venom

Element Essence

Flexible Sinew

Mystical Mask

Violet Glass

Yin-Yang Charm

DQ level 71 / 13 points

Element Diamond

Flat Peach

Mystical Scale

Seele Token

Sharp Tooth

Strong Venom

DQ level 81 / 15 points

Element Core

Jade Juyi

Lethal Venom

Mystical Totem

Oblivion Soup


DQ level 91 / 21 points

Compound Venom

Element Light

Fine Orb

Ginseng Fruit

Mystical Orb

Underspring Water

DQ level 100 / 28 points

Buddha's Relics

Element Spirit

Concentrated Venom

Mystical Soul

Order from Underworld

Condensed Orb

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